Life-changing music experiences for students of all ages and students with special abilities
Instructor for piano and rhythm







"When Kari began taking piano lessons, she began connecting with herself -- meaning she realized it was okay to express herself through music. She discovered whatever or 'however' she played gave her so much pleasure and self-satisfaction. She loves performing and is so proud of her accomplishments as we are! ...(she has) Such joy, happiness, excitement and pleasure each time she can 'show off' the skill and abilities she has strived so hard for. Thank you, Foundation for Music and Healing, Inc."
Jane Skeens

"I really appreciate how you are teaching me and I love it, believe me I do. You are a funny teacher. I always practice hard and when I play something that I haven't learned (in the lesson) and I play it for you, you are always shocked by the things I can do by myself."
Shannon McNeer

"My daughter, Sarah's, six years of piano ... has enriched her life, adding and developing a dimension she would not otherwise have received. She loves it! It has helped her academically, too. Her reading skills have developed so well. For our family, we have also appreciated getting to know other exceptional students and theri families at the many different recitals and events."
Greta Roemer Lewis

"In this world where music lessons and public performances often cause angst to the participants, it was heart-warming to witness the magic you create with your students. In spite of the wide spectrum of ages and abilities, you obviously manage to make each one feel mentored, cared about, safe and proud. The look on Jenny’s face each time you led her back to her chair was miraculous — she beamed from ear to ear. Thank you not only for giving her the ability to play the piano, but doing it in such a tolerant and fun way."
Judy Dzikowski