Life-changing music experiences for students of all ages and students with special abilities
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    1. What is involved in the free evaluation?

      This is an extended period of time that allows the instructor to get better acquainted with the student and parents. The student is encouraged to bring a CD, toy or other favorite object that they can talk about and be more comfortable with. The evaluation itself is free of charge, but there is a fee of $30 to cover the cost of materials. A free copy of Dr. Robinson's book, "Making Our Own Kind of Music" is included in this introductory session.

    2. How can I tell if this would be of benefit to my child?

      The most important thing to realize is that we offer a unique environtment of healthful music and movement designed specifically around each student so they may flourish on their own terms. The process begins with a telephone call to Dr. Robinson at which time he can arrange a free evaluation attended by the student and parents to assess what benefits that individual may expect.

    3. What kinds of training are employed?

      One on one lessons with the music coach may cover use of Piano, General Music, Singing, Guitar, Dance Movement and Drumming.

    4. How often are lessons given?

      The frequency of lessons is determined one on one for each student, but in general, once a week is a good guideline.

    5. Why should I consider music instead of some other activity?

      Music competes with an increasing number of activities. Parents and students must decide whether music and movement are beneficial to them. The key question is: are people willing to make space for this type of beneficial activity in their lives?

    6. Where can I learn more?

      Dr. Chris Robinson has written an excellent book called "Making Our Own Kind of Music" which is available online at and at most bookstores.